Almost done….

Remember the first time you sat down to write your blog. Your mind would have been full of ideas, thoughts and techniques about how you will be writing, what all will you include, what will be the way you would present it, etc. You almost had it all drawn up on the canvas of your mind, your ‘perfect blog post’, the only thing which was missing was the PERFECT TOPIC for the PERFECT POST. You would have wandered places in your head to find it, the key to get your post from almost done to completely done.

But believe me friends, that perfect topic is nowhere to be found ever, atleast in my case. Let’s take for instance, when i sat down to have my dinner, i was like, why not write about dinner? But after a while my mind changed and now it was chocolates rather than dinner. I just kept switching topics like this and wasted a quite lot of time, but still couldn’t come up with that ‘perfect’ one. I really wanted to write something but couldn’t get myself to work. Sometimes i came up with really good ideas but couldn’t deliver just because of the fear of judgement. What would people think? What is she writing, is she insane?

But today, i have learnt one thing that you don’t need a perfect subject to right about. If you feel like writing go for it. Right your mind out, pen down your thoughts. A whole essay can be written even on a small thing like pen. Go out and express yourself, don’t suppress your ideas by overthinking about everything.

At the beginning, i almost had everything set out in my mind, but just didn’t had the topic. So i turned that ‘absence of topic’ as the topic itself. I don’t know about others, but I’m impressed by myself :-P. I might sound absurd or strange, but atleast i wrote another post and that’s enough for me. Thank you all for bearing with me :-D. I will see you all really soon.<a href="http://Almost“>


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  1. Thank you for writing this. I am in this very boat. My most recent thought was, “Have I said all I need to say that is worth saying that others will want to read about me saying?” alas, I still stare at the blinking cursor.


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