2017: what i learnt….

Today is the last day of this year, from tomorrow, 2017 will be nowhere to be seen. I was wondering that how soon had this year passed and what all have i actually learnt. The answer was somewhat dissappointing, i had accomplished almost nothing big as of yet, all my syllabus is still to be covered, i haven’t learned any new skill, haven’t formed any good habit which i thought about building at the starting of this year. I failed in maintaining a journal too:-|. And the list is endless.

I couldn’t understand why was i not able to do what i had resolved to do. So i sat down and thought for a while. And that is the moment when I realised that i may not have achieved big goals but i have actually learnt and accomplished various small things this year that will help me get through 2018. These are as follows:

1. Power of hug :

I have realised that a hug is a very powerful tool in today’s world for elevating one’s mood and making them start feeling happy. Getting a hug feels refreshing and it develops good vibes from within and makes you feel confident too. Just getting 3-4 hugs a day is enough to get you going through the whole day. And do you know what the beauty about hugs is, you don’t always have to wait for someone to come and hug you, just go out there and hug your friends and families, your loved ones. And you will soon realise that actually you can’t give a hug without getting one๐Ÿ˜‰. So guys go on, use this powerful tool as much as you can and make this world a better place.

2. Power of love:

I have realised that love can help you live your life in a better and more satisfactory way. If you love someone, you automatically become somewhat responsible as you start looking out for your loved ones in every sphere, and this, my dear friends, develops you from within. It can be anybody whom you love. At the end of the day all that matters is how much love you gave. Because guys every action have an equal and opposite reaction:-D. So give love, get love, stay happy.

3. Realised value of time and money:

One more precious lesson which i learnt this year was value of time and money. Time had always seemed to be running away from me, and i have faced a lot of problems because of this too. So i realised the need of time management to get my works done before the given deadlines. Also, money is an unreplaceable and indespensable part of our life and i have decided to spend it wisely and abstain from buying unnecessary stuff all the time. Savings can save you in your hard times:-).

4. Realised the need to improve my resume:

Recently i started applying for internships and thus got to now that i need to add more points to my resume to make myself more presentable. There is much more to life than just studies and grades. Always devote your time in your hobbies too and never ever leave any chance to learn a new skill. As there is nothing bad in knowing too much:-D.

5. Started this blog:

My last and the most favourite accomplishment of this year is starting this blog. I am a college student and like everybody else, my mind is also full of ideas and thoughts all the time. What i needed the most was a platform to express myself. I have great interest in writing and thus started this blog. Hope this goes well(fingers crossed).

So guys, as 2018 is approaching close, i will give you a short and simple advice- “Always listen to your heart”. Do what excites you the most. Step out of your comfort zones and try your hands at the immense opportunities provided by this world. At last, good morning to you all and may you all have the bestest day today๐Ÿ˜Š.


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